Dialogue with African Arbitrators Podcast

Enact 2/3 rule, Parliament illegal, say women lawyers
September 25, 2017
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For this episode we have an enlightening dialogue of leading African arbitrators. Hailing from Nigeria and Kenya, the panel of arbitrators discuss issues related to setting fees, meddling by parties and courts, how to get appointments, being an arbitrator in the age of social media, corruption and bribery and so many intriguing topics.


Did I mention that it is an ALL WOMEN panel?


Here is more information about my guests: Wairimu Karanja is the founding partner at Envantage Law in Kenya. Njeri Kariuki is an arbitrator based in Kenya. Adedoyin Rhodes-Vivour is an arbitrator and the managing partner at Doyin Rhodes-Vivour & Co. in Nigeria. Eunice Lumallas is an arbitrator and a partner at Lumallas, Achieng & Kavere in Kenya.


Hosted by Leyou Tameru; Music by Ellias Fullmore; Editing by Beruk Mengestu